A Canopy Fit for a Queen (Tope Abulude) – In this workshop style class Tope will teach a canopy design which combines classic balloon décor with the organic style to produce a truly elegant and show stopping display fit for a queen!

Alphabets… Lets Start From the Beginning (Tope Abulude) – Creating words out of three dimensional letters using  foil balloons is a great way to decorate your clients events. They can be arranged to form names, slogans or initials. We will work in groups to create a set of prefabricated modules for these sleek, classy looking non-latex letters. This class will be part lecture, part hands-on.

Are You “Too Legit to Quit”? (Carolyn Truby, CBA) – Is your business formed legitimately? Have you followed safe business practices in order to avoid or minimize liability? In this class Carolyn will summarize the basic business structures; how to form them, and how they are taxed. She will discuss steps you need to take to make sure your business is set up legitimately.

Dazzling Centerpieces (Silvia Santos) –  Do you wish to take your centerpiece from simple do dazzling? You can accomplish that by using lots of different materials to add texture that will “wow” your customer.  Coordinating patterns and colors with materials like stickers, pearls, ribbons, paint, fabric, lights, papers etc. will make it more visually appealing. These elements can be applied to create classic décor style centerpieces or incorporated into the hot new trend of organic style designs.

Extraordinary Columns (Silvia Santos) –  Silvia will teach designs using Q-links, Chrome balloons, and much more. Creative Column ideas, like adding deco-twisted accents, make a fantastic addition to your offering. They create a magical aura customers will love. This class is a great way to refresh your repertoire, by adding a touch of creativity that will blow your mind.

Gender Reveal Mom (Carolyn Truby, CBA) –  Gender reveal parties are a big hit nowadays. Offer your client an EXCITING alternative to the standard 3 ft. balloon or balloons in a box. Carolyn will teach you her life-sized Gender Reveal Mom sculpture which can be customized for each expectant mommy. Your clients will LOVE it!

Linking Character Heads (Carolyn Truby, CBA)  –  In this Hands-on class Carolyn will teach a base head structure using QuickLinks that can be customized for almost any character. The character heads can be sized up or down based on the size of Q-linls used. They are great for deliveries, stuffed balloons, column toppers, etc. Once you master the base head structure you can let your imagination run wild to create as many characters as you can think of. Let’s get creative! 

Much Ado About Organics (Tope Abulude) – Delegates will work in groups and learn advanced techniques of how to develop their own style of Organics to achieve a specific look. Each group will be responsible for creating a design from concept to a finished design. They will select the shape they wish to create, a color palette and their choice of Qualatex balloons to best fit their concept. This class will explore double and triple stuffed balloons and other textures to create an elevated look for more sophisticated designs.

Mythical Decor Workshop (Po-hsun Liao) – Designs will be created using distortion techniques, linking balloons, round and non-round balloons to create mythical style decorations  that can be applied to many themes and help you create events that will mystify your clients.